Pathfinders explore the world Golarion in service to lore. This widespread group of treasure hunters, thrillseekers, sages, and voyagers make it their lives’ work to uncover lost artifacts, map neglected ruins, and learn forgotten knowledge. Pathfinders are part archaeologist, part historian, and all adventurer!

Some do these things for the sake of lore, but most do it for fame; the Pathfinder Society publishes a multi-volume series of books and scrolls, the Pathfinder Chronicles, that highlight some of the most amazing finds by field agents. Children across the world can name the most infamous Pathfinders, and their exploits and tales recounted in journals are as common as folk songs in the inns and taverns on a night.

Rumour spreading across the farmsteads and hamlets of the Sandpoint Hinterlands is that one of the Society’s Venture Captains, who vet entry into the Society’s exclusive ranks has come to Sandpoint. Fancying yourself as a skilled monster hunter and learned sage who knows how to grow crops and protect his home from goblins and spiders, you have set off on the Lost Coast Road to make it to Sandpoint and apply…

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